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Office for Student Conflict Resolution

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Reporting Acts of Intolerance

Why Report?

It is important to report all acts of intolerance no matter how insignificant one might perceive an incident to be.

Why People Do Not Report

How to Report

Procedures Following Reporting *

  1. Complete Acts of Intolerance Report form.
  2. Convene Bias Incident Investigation and Response Team within 48 hours of report to determine appropriate course of action.
  3. Contact victim, if appropriate, and/or person reporting incident.
  4. Contact appropriate units regarding incident (i.e. UIPD, Office for Student Conflict Resolution).
  5. Devise and implement a comprehensive response plan. Action plan may include interviewing relevant parties, mediation, facilitated discussions/meetings between parties, programming, mass notice, or any other action deemed appropriate to addressing and remedying incident.
  6. Reconvene team to evaluate case handling.
  7. File report.

* Note that this is a generalization of the process that the Office of the Dean of Students will take upon receiving an act of intolerance report. The steps listed are not exhaustive, nor will each case require that all steps be taken and in the order listed. Each case will be assessed on an individual basis.

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